UK Facebook stats roundup

Posted on: July 3, 2011

Recent stats for Facebook in the UK:

  • At the beginning of March 2011 Facebook had 30 million UK users, equating to almost half of the UK population. Source: THE NEXT WEB
  • Facebook is now a bigger national past-time in the UK than watching TV (as of March 2011). Source: Expansys survey
  • Almost one in three Brits (29.07%) spend between two and three hours a day using Facebook on their smartphones (as of March 2011). Source: Expansys survey
  • Facebook overtook MSN as the second most popular website in the UK in May 2011 – with Nielsen attributing the growth to more over-50s using the site. These older users account for more new adults visiting the site in the last two years than the under-50s – as a result, the membership of Facebook is now more representative of the overall UK population. Source: we are social, nma
  • However other stats suggest a possible slow or even decline in UK Facebook usage (June 2011). Source: Inside Facebook, Brilliant Media
  • UK internet users are most interested in engaging with entertainment, film and music brands via Social Media (23% – as of May 2011). Source: WSI Trends Report [Note this is all social media not just Facebook]
  • The thirty-plus demographic now represents around 48% of all UK Facebook users. Source: clickymedia
  • 1 in 7 UK grandparents are on Facebook. Source: via THE NEXT WEB
  • 89% of people in the UK have not bought a single product through Facebook and 44% are not interested in doing so. Source: Havas Media Social and Lightspeed Research via Marketing Week
  • Product exclusivity is the key factor in persuading UK consumers to purchase products via social networks, with one quarter of consumers saying they would buy a product through Facebook if it was not available anywhere else and 11% saying they would buy something if it was offered only to “fans” of the brand. Source: Havas Media Social and Lightspeed Research via Marketing Week

Graphs and charts

UK Facebook age split March 2011:

Source: clickymedia

Facebook users compared to UK population and internet users May 2011:

Facebook User Statistics for the United Kingdom

Source: Online Marketing Academy

Facebook vs TV March 2011:

Source: Expansys survey

Facebook is top in the UK for mobile minutes spent:

Source: comScore

Google searches for Facebook in the UK:

Source: Brilliant Media

Facebook users and most popular pages June 2011:

Source: socialbakers

Top 50 Facebook Places check-ins in the UK

Source: socialbakers


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