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Posted on: February 4, 2013

[I am just testing out the WordPress ‘aside’ format] – To say that whereas journalists have traditionally been paid by revenues which come through advertising (by their institution) – newer purveyors of news and opinion: bloggers, and other social media stars in their own right, can earn money from publishing on an individual basis. Personally organising their own advertising or sponsorship to appear on their blogs or other social channels. They hope or even expect to be paid in exchange for covering stories from brands, and why shouldn’t they? OFT rules on this are clear – it is prohibited to use editorial content to promote a product, where the trader has paid for the promotion, without making that clear in the content. Disclosure is key.

As an aside: individual publishers deserve paying too

Neat way of showcasing top tweets using a picture gallery on the Capital FM website – as you scroll through each tweet associated commentary appears on the right hand side:

Jessie Picture Galleries Capital FM


Marketers have somewhat embraced influencers as ‘the answer’ to social traction online, but in fact, few influencer campaigns actually generate big results. The ones that do – for example, our Tron Legacy/Nokia N8 campaign for Nokia as described in this month’s Marketing Week Digital Strategy supplement – carefully target influencers but also plan for much bigger, messier and more inclusive participation beyond the same old ‘opinion leaders.’

Molly Flatt

On closer inspection, Klout doesn’t look very convincing: it’s basically a measure of how active one is on Twitter and Facebook

John Naughton

Influence is entirely situational and relative. I may be incredibly influential about good places to eat brunch in Chicago, but I have no clout whatsoever for something like picks for your fantasy football team… Giving one score just popularizes an insufficient measure of influence

Rebecca Denison

You’re not alone. When we started BzzAgent, we believed in the myth of the influentials. It took nearly a year of campaigns and thousands of interactions with BzzAgents for us to understand that mavens and high-profile influentials are effective in specific ways and in particular categories, but that most of the time, everyday people are better.

Dave Balter, in GRAPEVINE – Why Buzz Was a Fad but Word of Mouth is Forever

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