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I’m uninstalling my Facebook for Android app today. Three main reasons:

  1. It continually tells me I have new messages I already read
  2. It is always running however often I use my app killer to shut the damn thing off
  3. It can see where I am, who I am calling, and read my text messages if it wants

I don’t have a problem with anonymised data being used to fund the free exchange of information online by helping marketers to target people efficiently and effectively. But many mobile apps can see and use too much of our personal information and communications as standard. So starting with Facebook I’m taking a stand on this…

Google said: ‘From the beginning, Android has had an industry-leading permissions system which informs consumers what data an app can access and requires users’ approval before installation.’

Tom Kelly

This ‘approval’ comeback completely misses the point… we want the app so we click yes, even if we don’t agree with or understand why it wants access to so much of our mobile data.

I’d suggest as a first step before the law catches up with this problematic area that the Apple App Store and Android Market include a ‘report unnecessary data collection’ button on every app in their collections so that potential users can report that although they want a certain application – they would like to protest at the level of information it has access to.

Some might argue that if we want free apps we need to pay the price by giving over everything about us to unaccountable corporations and institutions. I’d argue that if your business model depends on intruding upon people’s private lives to the extent of needing to know where they are all the time and who they are calling the world can do without your sociopathic stalker-esque enterprise. Seriously.

New iPad keyboard for thumb-typers

WWDC is the annual Apple developers conference. The Next Web has kindly put together a list of everything you need to know from WWDC 2011. Here’s my shortlist of their long list for a semi-technical audience:

  1. OS X Lion – is the new Apple OS that will be available in the Mac App Store for $29 in July. With Versions, Lion automatically saves your documents in the background without having to manually save documents (sounds  like Google Docs) – You can browse through different versions of your document in a Time Machine format (cool). AirDrop is a new way to share documents between Macs using a peer to peer WiFI network (another work-around for the USB port moaners).
  2. Newstand – is a one-stop-shop for magazine and newspaper subscriptions on your iOS device – it provides subscriptions to major publications such as Time and National Geographic. Subscriptions are automatically downloaded and saved in the app.
  3. Safari – 2/3 of all mobile web browsing is done on Mobile Safari; Safari Reading List allows you to save pages to read later, much like a native Instapaper.
  4. Photo editing – is now available on the iPhone and iPad, with crop and rotate, red-eye removal and one-click enhancement.
  5. The iPad has a new keyboard layout, especially for people who type with their thumbs. The keyboard is split in two and separated by a space in the middle.
  6. iMessage is a new messaging service between all iOS users on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, a new feature much like the Blackberry Messaging service.
  7. You get iCloud when you buy a new iOS device or upgrade your current device. iCloud stores all of your content in the cloud and automatically pushes it to your devices – it comes with 5GB storage for Mail, Documents and Backup.

Watch for the warning signs of push cancer. Push is about vendor lock-in and proprietary data strategies. Apple and Facebook are push companies—they will both face strong competition from the open web. They will both have to change their cultures to embrace pull or they will become much smaller

David Siegel

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