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Appreciative Inquiry is a particular way of asking questions and envisioning the future that fosters positive relationships and builds on the basic goodness in a person, a situation, or organization proponents. In so doing, it enhances a system’s capacity for collaboration and change

Mike Morrison

Four key points from this Dell presentation (by Richard Binhammer) on Business Opportunities and Social Media. Full deck below…

  1. Control is not as successful as influence
  2. Customers in need are critical opportunities
  3. Dell is using Chatter to increase cross-departmental team collaboration: a hybrid of Twitter, Facebook, Sina, Ren-Ren, Orkut
  4. For social media business value look across the entire customer lifecycle – it can be used everywhere

Today’s article page release tightens the author-audience relationship and furthers our effort to build a scalable content-creation engine of individually branded journalists, authors, academics and other qualified contributors

Lewis DVorkin, Forbes

We are democratising an age-old model for raising business finance by empowering the ‘crowd’ to pool small amounts of investment money and give Britain’s start-ups a much needed boost

Darren Westlake

I read somewhere recently that the central task of management is to reduce unnecessary communication – white noise that slows people and organisations down. It follows that in this compilation of stats from Tiffany Maleshefski, decision-makers give increased productivity as the most important criterion for judging the success of mobile apps in their enterprises.

Infographic from Zengage, The Zendesk Blog

This blog is about utilizing and optimizing the social web for business, pleasure and social change

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  • RT @mqtodd: "The way to succeed is to double your failure rate." - Thomas Watson, (Founder of IBM) 1 day ago
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  • But according to this the sodium in lemonade impedes growth :( >>How Lemonade Impacts Growth of Grass by Katie DeCaro 1 day ago
  • according to this carbonated water can make plants grow faster so hopefully shot of lemonade won't do too much damage 1 day ago
  • Accidentally 'watered' poor kitchen windowsill Basil with lemonade left on side. Unexpected sound & spectacle of fizzing soil most upsetting 1 day ago

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