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There won’t be commerce without social… Social shopping today is where online shopping was before Amazon came on the scene. The Amazon of the space has yet to be built.

Anand Rajaraman

Nike’s been impressing far and wide lately with its social media efforts. It’s simple but fantastically engaging Facebook Superfly campaign has done so well they’ve moved it off into it’s own Facebook page.

What stands out for me with the TAKEMOKUM Nike+ graffiti challenge campaign is the relatively small number of super-engaged community members (< 10k) that were engaged to meet the campaign objective – smashing through the notion that for many young people, running is boring.

This helps us to see how niche is indeed the new black and social media success does not have to mean astronomical numbers of ‘likes’ – but rather sweating the small stuff to develop the right concept to enthuse a super-engaged group.

image above via Amsterdam AdBlog

The fact is, in their headlong rush into uncharted territory, what marketers and some technologists overlooked was that the check-in itself isn’t all that compelling for consumers. Sales, deals and discounts that follow you around, however, are compelling. In other words, marketers should be putting more focus—and experimental ad dollars—toward location-based commerce, and less on location-based novelty

Noah Elkin

Twitter is a chance to understand your buyers’ moods in between purchases, to support their goals, to listen to their concerns. It’s fascinating how many businesses pay for customer opinion surveys but don’t listen to the free opinions given via the social web

Chris Brogan

Dan Calladine‘s deck below is a quarterly look at some important stories and stats within digital media – some snippets:

A few recent items I’d add:

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