WWF Hungary’s green campaign reaches 285,142 with one leaflet

Posted on: August 10, 2011

In this incredibly successful campaign, WWF Hungary reached over 275,000 people by combining creativity, sustainability, and PR. Its goal was to put the WWF at the forefront of Hungarian’s minds, whilst highlighting that individuals can donate 1% of their taxes to a charity of their choice. This was achieved (in partnership with their agency Akcio360) as follows:

  1. Just one WWF leaflet was printed, stating that 1% of tax is donateable to charity organisations in Hungary
  2. Two panda-dressed volunteers went to a shopping centre, one standing each end of escalators taking people between floors
  3. Panda one gave the leaflet to a person travelling up the escalator who, after reading, passed it to Panda two on reaching the top. The same leaflet was then given to the next person travelling down the escalator – and, repeat.
  4. This day of distributing just one leaflet was recorded and circulated to journalists and bloggers, leading to the video becoming a global viral hit.
  5. WWF therefore also managed to spread a secondary message (of relevance to marketers) in their video – on the potential for using media in an environmentally conscious and effective way:
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