When a Facebook engagement ad doesn’t Shape up

Posted on: July 9, 2011

I’m still fairly in favour of personalised ads. I do my bit to hit the cross on Facebook to tell it when one has pushed me over the edge. But this was a special case I thought deserved a quick post. There’s a few things wrong with this use of a Facebook engagement ad:

  • For a start I’m already mildly annoyed by its presence as it’s assuming because I’m a woman of a certain age I’ll be interested in a yoghurt called ‘Shape Delights’ (OK, tbf it’s hard for the brand to get around it’s name or my personal dislike of the ideal woman industry).
  • the cheesey guy is not funny… whether he’s meant to be ironic or not the cheese is so strong you can smell it through the screen
  • I’m being asked a stupid question with such ridiculous answers I’d have no wish to share any response to it with friends, foes or strangers (who would find my answer even odder out of context on my Facebook wall, separate from the cheesey guy)

Over on Shape’s Uncompromise your life Facebook wall some members of the WWIC crew are reliably having their say about how foolish the whole thing is. But I can almost hear the people behind this campaign laughing them off as a mild annoyance and assigning them to the bucket of crazy.

A lesson to all of us running promotions… that a vocal minority may well be more tuned into a silent majority than we are.

Don’t get me wrong. Creatively seizing on a social object associated with eating a low-fat yoghurt (avoiding compromise) is a route that makes sense for the brand. It’s the execution – getting some greasy-faced guy to demonstrate what uncompromising means… well that’s where it falls down. No, I don’t need your advice on uncompromising Shay – therefore nor do I need it on dairy desserts.


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