WWDC 2011 – 7 scrape notes

Posted on: June 6, 2011

New iPad keyboard for thumb-typers

WWDC is the annual Apple developers conference. The Next Web has kindly put together a list of everything you need to know from WWDC 2011. Here’s my shortlist of their long list for a semi-technical audience:

  1. OS X Lion – is the new Apple OS that will be available in the Mac App Store for $29 in July. With Versions, Lion automatically saves your documents in the background without having to manually save documents (sounds  like Google Docs) – You can browse through different versions of your document in a Time Machine format (cool). AirDrop is a new way to share documents between Macs using a peer to peer WiFI network (another work-around for the USB port moaners).
  2. Newstand – is a one-stop-shop for magazine and newspaper subscriptions on your iOS device – it provides subscriptions to major publications such as Time and National Geographic. Subscriptions are automatically downloaded and saved in the app.
  3. Safari – 2/3 of all mobile web browsing is done on Mobile Safari; Safari Reading List allows you to save pages to read later, much like a native Instapaper.
  4. Photo editing – is now available on the iPhone and iPad, with crop and rotate, red-eye removal and one-click enhancement.
  5. The iPad has a new keyboard layout, especially for people who type with their thumbs. The keyboard is split in two and separated by a space in the middle.
  6. iMessage is a new messaging service between all iOS users on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, a new feature much like the Blackberry Messaging service.
  7. You get iCloud when you buy a new iOS device or upgrade your current device. iCloud stores all of your content in the cloud and automatically pushes it to your devices – it comes with 5GB storage for Mail, Documents and Backup.

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