I *liked* you on Facebook, so why are you ignoring me?

Posted on: June 4, 2011

The way some brands use Facebook is reminiscent of an emotionally abusive relationship. After bending over backwards and throwing money around all over the place to get you to ‘like’ them – they promptly ignore you as soon as you say something they don’t want to hear.

The cardinal sin for Facebook page admins is making more and more wall posts, without responding to previous comments made by users. It’s a conundrum. After so much effort to secure ‘likes,’ apparent obliviousness to the people whose attention they fought so hard to capture.

There is an anti-social-web mantra out there which is still popular with people working outside and even inside social media. That is: those who make angry online comments fall into one big bucket of crazy. Ignore the trolls (snort, wink) and hopefully they will go away.

Well another way of looking at it is: these are people, who for some reason or another, are displeased with what the organisation is doing or saying. As a page owner you can make an educated, considered judgement that they are completely wrong and their complaints have no validity… but nine times out of ten people are angry for a reason.. and you know what you can do to make it better.

The moral is, don’t just listen – respond (and deliver). Ignoring people sends the message to others that you don’t care – and when they have a problem they will be similarly mistreated. Ignoring commenters on a Facebook wall equates to conducting yourself badly in a very public domestic in front of everyone you are trying to impress. Responding, however, will enhance your image with the rest of your fans, and improve your Facebook ‘edge rank’ with the original commenter for the future.

Here’s an example of ALL SAINTS fashion brand getting it wrong…

*UPDATE: ALLSAINTS catch-up on posts*


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