How many ‘likes’ will I get for my Facebook ads?

Posted on: May 20, 2011

If you are running Facebook ads for the first time you may be directing them to your shiny (possibly new) Facebook page. This will probably mean producing a proposal for your boss / client or agency, in which you will estimate up-front what they can expect for their money.

For many, the gold standard Facebook page KPI is likes. While this may not be the ideal metric, it is quite likely you will be faced with the question – how many ‘likes’ will I get for my Facebook ads?  Answering this question is not easy – any estimations should be based on comparable campaigns if you have stats for them. But still, ultimately, remember when setting up Facebook ads that the number of likes achieved will be dependent on:

  • How well the ads resonate with the Facebook audience (social ads should be treated differently to search ads.. people on Facebook are surrounded by their friends- this affects their mood and how they respond to marketing messages)
  • How well the Facebook landing page entices people to click and ‘like’
  • How strong the reason is for people to ‘like’ the page overall – they may click around beyond the landing page to check they really will like it before they hit the button
  • How well the ads are targeted – e.g. to appropriate demographic, likes and interests, people who are friends with people who already like the page
  • How well the ads are segmented – i.e. pushing different ads at people depending on their demographic and specified interests
  • How well the ads are optimised after launch – i.e. swapping out headlines / copy / and images depending on what is working (similarly to Google Ads)

If you came to this post expecting a hard stat – apologies for disappointing. If you must take one with you – I have found on average highly targeted Facebook ads intending to directly drive likes can be expected to convert at approximately 25%. That is – around 25% of clicks will convert to likes. For more on optimising the entire ad to like cycle try this from All Facebook.


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very well written!!

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