Tapping into mood: what type of KitKat break do you want?

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Kit-kat’s new branded iPhone app taps into an incredibly important element of the digital-social-mobile mix: mood.

The Shake and Break app has an editorial element (picking the best videos for a given mood) and then sprinkles on top the ability to use the motion sensor to pick a random selection.

As the late, great Ciborra said, we are always in a mood.

While broadcast advertising and media has previously had to rely on throwing the same messaging at people regardless of how they feel… our new communications environment enables us to tap into the dasein… the person, at that precise moment, in relation to the world.

KitKat shows with this branded app how UGC can be used in combination with editorial input to give people a means to consume media in line with their mood at an exact time – rather than, or in addition to, age, gender, location, or other such targeting.


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