Red Bull Street Art View: developing #free global information resources

Posted on: March 1, 2011

The Red Bull Street Art View initiative cleverly uses Google street view functionality to crowdsource what it hopes to become ‘the world’s largest art collection.’ You can zoom in and tag, view and share graffiti captured on street view all over the world.

Whatever you think about wilful vandalism of public and private property this example demonstrates how:

a) a related social object can work for a brand (imbibing stimulants = growing wings = > surreptitiously creating art)

b) the new Free (or indirect appropriation) means vast user -generated and -co-ordinated information resources can be developed and indirectly monetised in multiple ways by seemingly unassociated providers of goods and services (i.e. Google street view derives revenue from advertising around it’s maps, Red Bull from sales of beverages improved by awareness / positive sentiment generated by global user participation).


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