Facebook pages update: marketing and audience outreach

Posted on: February 14, 2011

For those engaging in cause-based Facebook marketing or activity that relies on reaching out to, and working in partnership with others, Friday’s pages update contains highly valuable changes:

1. You can now use Facebook ‘as your page’

2. When you go ‘home’ (click on Facebook top left) while logged in ‘as your page’ you can see all the latest updates from the pages your page ‘likes’ (previously known as favourite pages) in a newsfeed

3. This means you can quickly see items relevant to your page – for liking, commenting on, and sharing in turn back to your page

4. This will make it far easier for other page owners to become aware of yours as they will see it come up on posts / likes you make on their page – encouraging them in turn to ‘like’ and participate on yours.

Note: Use this new power carefully – i.e. do not comment on or like more than one or two items from another page each week –in case you start annoying the page owner and they mark you as a spammer. (Although obviously if they engage with you back adapt accordingly). There is no excuse for jumping all over other’s pages and ‘seeding’ as web1.0 marketers might once have done. Be considerate, authentic, empathetic, useful. Otherwise – aside from doing more harm than good – you might ruin it for the rest of us and encourage Facebook to take away these (beta) privileges.


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