Donating tweets: JustCoz turns twitter into relay network for non-profits

Posted on: January 16, 2011


GreenPeace UK is now one of several non-profits using JustCoz to enable online activists to donate a tweet a day for them to use in their campaigns. The app, launched in mid 2010, enables charities to speak through their supporters on Twitter

It was recently reported that 50 cent had added $millions to the value of a company in which he has a stake with just a few tweets. In that example one highly followed individual convinced several others to take an action that was financially lucrative to him. 

This might be thought of as the converse of this – a not-for-profit distributed equivalent: JustCoz’s model is for many supporters to agree a ‘just cause’ can send one tweet a day on their behalf – effectively turning twitter into a ‘relay network‘ for their messages, which over time will raise awareness and potentially lead to financial donations as well.

Interestingly, the service quickly felt the need to adapt tweets sent out via their service to include the #DT hashtag – making it clearer which tweets are donated i.e. have been hence sent out by an organisation through one of its supporters, rather than the individual themselves.

Hat tip… Curious Catherine


2 Responses to "Donating tweets: JustCoz turns twitter into relay network for non-profits"


I’m always eager to see non profits trying new things to increase their profile. We plan on publishing a Guest Post on non profit social media marketing very soon on Sprout Social: Insights so I’ll be following this topic.

I’ll RT this post and cc: our ‘non profit’ contributor to make sure she see this too. Thanks!

– Don

Thanks Don,

I’m testing out donating tweets on another twitter account so I may post further on my experience of being a donor (for the Anita Borg Institute).

I found your posts on Facebook pages ( useful for the Local Government Heroes campaign I’ve just set up ( btw.


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