Digital graffiti and falling out of love with Foursquare (via very misscoca)

Posted on: October 4, 2010

I’ve never quite managed to muster much effort in relation to Foursquare ….and reading about the drop in enthusiasm experienced, and the reasons cited for it, by this once avid user I’m not sure I will now. Sure, location-based technology is only just beginning and there are lots more exciting applications to come. But checking in and coveting mayoral positions don’t really seem to fall in that category… at least once the novelty has worn off. One example that has recently arrived from the future is explained by Robert Hernandez: stickybits allows people to leave ‘digital graffiti’ on real world objects.

Falling out of love with Foursquare I know, I used to be a champion for the Foursquare brand but it just isn’t working out anymore. When I first started using Foursquare in February this year I absolutely loved the platform and I was checking in all over town. I was racking up mayorships & scoring points from the Mornington Peninsula to the heart of Melbourne City. I was setting up new locations every day as so few locations had been set up at that time, and I was given Super U … Read More

via very misscoca


2 Responses to "Digital graffiti and falling out of love with Foursquare (via very misscoca)"

Hi Mariamz
Whilst I have lost interest in Foursquare, I am still a prolific user of Twitter and Facebook, which goes to show that a purely location-based platform needs more to keep it interesting. Users of Foursquare have long since requested an ability to interact by leaving messages for one another etc. but it hasn’t happened and now it seems that we’re leaving the building…
Thanks for your post!

Hi misscoca,

Thanks for your comment.. Interesting you cite them failing to respond to this most basic of user requests as the predominant reason to lose interest- perhaps they got so high on their own hype they took their eyes off what really makes people tick – and could keep them loyal long term. Seems they really ought to have been thinking harder about paving the cow paths than teaming up with big brands (or at least just as hard).


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