A semantic path to the daily me?

Posted on: October 17, 2009

In 2001 Cass Sunstein warned us of the ‘daily me’ – where we would all use the Internet to find what we are already interested in, and move very little away from our own comfortable ideas, prejudices and interests. That actually we would become more extreme, holding our beliefs even more strongly as we spent more and more time around virtual people who agree with us. Mashable’s Top 5 Twitter Trends to Watch Right Now highlights Brian Solis‘s prediction that:

 “the future of Twitter is semantic intelligence, where what you click, what you read, and what you do, act to determine what you like, with applications serving you the tweets you really want.”

But before we all start rushing to getting exactly what we want and expect in our twitter feed, we need to consider the richness that enters our lives when we are faced with the unfamilliar. Of course, endless adverts to make money online are not likely to make for a stimulating online experience, but semantic intelligence that routes us towards items we are bound to like may take us too far up ourselves, so to speak.

If you are left or right, liberal or otherwise, green or Chelsea tractor-driving, our virtual web community will be better for us all if we still pass one another on the street, rather than congregate together with people who all look and talk and think the way we do. Perhaps it would be better to have to deal with a few boring / inappropriate tweets than consign ourselves to intellectual echo-chambers.

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