Google Earth + Augmented Reality + eco-data = hot mashups

Posted on: September 14, 2009


I blogged a little while ago on the potential application for augmented reality to enable people to make environmentally aware choices. So this news caught my eye:

Academics at a US university are laying the foundations of a new form of digital marketing that involves augmenting Google Earth with dynamic information to create a living city

Andrew McCormick,

But how can this be applied to virtual community engagement in practice? Quite simply – if you can see on Google Earth that your company office / school has the highest carbon footprint in the street – you could as an informed individual commit to changing that. Thus:

  • The data companies (and in some cases homes) are required to produce by law can be overlaid onto (for example) Google Earth – perhaps with heatspots that drill down into more detailed information -showing which have the most work to do.
  • An individual spots one of the heatspots is on a place where they can actually make a difference – and indicates so to the rest of the community – flagging they are going to take action (perhaps they are an employee, the company CEO or a local politician).
  • As that individual takes steps to make things better they can report on progress.
  • The data on what each community member is doing to improve things can again be displayed on the augmented reality interface.
  • Companies could even get involved themselves as part of their CSR activity, sharing what they are doing – knowing that the raw data which backs up their claims will be periodically visible to everyone. 

Read on: Google Earth Outreach Showcase

Environmental Toxicity in Wayne County Michigan picture by Kerry Ard


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