Losing a message or crowdsourcing some truth?

Posted on: September 9, 2009


The web will only get noisier, so tools and services to help us navigate, filter and aggregate will become ever more popular and necessary. But where does that leave the marketer with a message to deliver? A message that is likely to be copied and pasted, chopped, mashed up, dragged over hot coals or even worse, ignored?

mikey7321  writes:

What’s the impact of my brand or marketing message to a user if it’s lost in the tremendous sea of social media mass? Even if I can target a specific user based on movements on Facebook or – what’s to say it (my message) doesn’t get lost with all the other messages seen during a users social media day? 

I would argue marketers should not agonise over how to somehow reduce noise, limit damage and contain their brand’s reputation within a message. Rather they need to learn how to embrace the noise, monitor the buzz, filter and prioritise. They need to respond to, engage with and / or learn from all those people out there who have something to say about their product or service. At which point they will not worry so much about their message being, but rejoice at discovering a crowdsourced reflection of what people actually want, rather than a manufactured representation of what they ought to want, according to office flipcharts, homogeneous personas and rigid segmentation.

Transformers mashup picture by Torley


1 Response to "Losing a message or crowdsourcing some truth?"

[…] being measured to the consideration of how a ‘message’ is being ‘received’ or even lost fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the many-to-many social media landscape. Products must […]

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