I always link to sources and fact-check but please tell me if I have anything wrong. I sometimes change my mind. I always declare if I have an interest (e.g. client) in anyone or any brand mentioned in a post I write.

The views in this blog are in no way representative of any employers or clients, current or previous – these include MSD, My Yahoo For Physicians, openDemocracy, Digitas London, The Guardian, Smesh, Panos London, The Gates Foundation, Oxfam, The IDS, The Financial Times, Shell, Ericsson, GAME, Samsung, PepsiCo, Porter Novelli, Three, SABMiller, BT, P&G (Braun, Gillette, Fairy), Bayer, Petplan (Allianz).

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This blog is about utilizing and optimizing the social web for business, pleasure and social change

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  • really dislike hyperbole around being "aggressive about getting the story" 18 hours ago
  • RT @NiemanLab California Civic Data Coalition "making power tools for power users” to examine campaign finance data 18 hours ago
  • @efa_oz I felt on reading the ruling that at least part of motivation for going after Google was it's easier option than tackling sources 18 hours ago
  • @efa_oz indeed! I think there's inadequate emphasis on source of material too; 'freedom' of press v important to consider too even if harder 18 hours ago
  • LOVE Mark Francis and as he's trending I've an excuse to mention "One is always invited" >fave line tonight I reckon :-D 18 hours ago

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The views in this blog do not reflect that of my employer

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