Positive, reactive PR, Virgin media and Peppa pig

Posted on: January 22, 2012

Virgin media “makes a point of responding to every customer online mention whether it is positive or not.” This approach helps Virgin achieve success where telecoms struggle in social.. developing conversations beyond complaints about connections… and consequently generating vast opportunities for positive PR.

I can vouch for this as a customer. I tweeted in frustration a few months back when I found it impossible to record a programme I was watching in delay TV. It’s hard to really explain this problem until you’re experiencing it.. but it’s incredibly irritating at the time…

Anyway @virginmedia tweeted back at me with “it’s hard to record things that are in the past.” This somewhat facetious answer made me laugh, told me they wouldn’t be solving the complaint and ended the exchange with a lulzy acceptance on my part. (And a few minutes reverie around Doc brown and the clock tower).

The example given by Brian Solis is:

In one case, a woman tweeted that her Virgin Media connection wasn’t working and her two year-old daughter was upset at having to miss her favorite TV show, Peppa Pig. Not only did Virgin send an engineer immediately, he was carrying a Peppa Pig toy for the little girl.

By joining up social media listening with other parts of their business, and employing Twitter community managers with the right mix of humour, humility and ingenuity, Virgin media are well positioned to reap dividends from positive sentiment generated by reactive social media engagement. On the flip-side, their activity highlights a vast swathe of missed opportunities for brands that are deaf or timid online.

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